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Barcode Product name Description
5999010813579 Deep fryer basket Material: Chromed steel strainer.
5999010807837 Flour sieve inox 20cm Material: stainless steel.
5999010807844 Flour sieve inox 21cm Material: stainless steel.
5999010807851 Flour sieve inox 25cm Material: stainless steel.
5999010807868 Flour sieve inox 27cm Material: stainless steel.
5999010801989 Flour sieve plastic 20cm. Material: Plastic.
5999010806243 Flour sieve plastic 25cm. Material: Plastic.
5999010809749 Flour sieve wooden 14cm Material: wood, plastic.
5999010809756 Flour sieve wooden 17cm Material: wood, plastic.
5999010809763 Flour sieve wooden 20cm Material: wood, plastic.
5999010809770 Flour sieve wooden 23cm Material: wood, plastic.
5999010802535 Strainer metal 10cm. Material: Chrome-plated steel.
5999010802542 Strainer metal 12cm. Material: Chrome-plated steel.
5999010802559 Strainer metal 14cm. Material: Chrome-plated steel.
5999010802566 Strainer metal 16cm. Material: Chrome-plated steel.
5999010802573 Strainer metal 18cm. Material: Chrome-plated steel.
5999010802580 Strainer metal 20cm. Material: Chrome-plated steel.
5999010807592 Strainer metal 24cm. Material: Chrome-plated steel.
5999010802511 Strainer metal 7cm. Material: Chrome-plated steel.
5999010802528 Strainer metal 8cm. Material: Chrome-plated steel.
5999010802610 Strainer plastic 11cm. Material: Plastic.
5999010802627 Strainer plastic 14cm. Material: Plastic.
5999010802634 Strainer plastic 19cm. Material: Plastic.
5999010802603 Strainer plastic 9cm. Material: Plastic.
5999010806830 Strainer stainless 16cm. Material: Stainless steel.
6/01 | Bográcsok, sütőtárcsák, sütőtálak


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